photography for yellow pages advertising

Isn't advertising in the Yellow pages expensive?

Find out how the right type of photograph could be one of the best ways to minimise the outlay!

Colour display advertising of any size in the yellow pages can be expensive. Sometimes we notice companies squander this financial outlay by using images which do not translate well into the confines of a column advert which can look disappointing, messy or unclear.

When this year's round of phone book reps tried to persuade us to part with a wad of cash (or credit) we noticed the disparity of cost between full colour and monochrome insertions. Instead of using shots culled from previous assignments as we do for our colour adverts in the 'phone book' (see below), we shot an image expressly intended for the Yellow Pages.

colour phone book advert colour phone book advert

As our new Yellow Pages advert was the more reasonably priced black on a white background, we photographed with this in mind. (See left).

When printed in the directory it has translated well and lost little in reproduction.

Starting with the right photograph can often produce more impact and enquiries than merely making do with an photograph already taken for a different purpose.

Contact us to see how this can work for you.

black and white yellow pages advert