product and location photography

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As commercial advertising photographers we offer specialised product and location photography for advertising, exhibition, catalogue, packaging, print and web use. We produce a service that will exactly fit your needs, whether it is clear straightforward pack-shot type images or more stylized and atmospheric photographs.

Product Photography

Detailed product shots are photographed at such high resolution that it is easily possible to view the smallest detail to illustrate the intricacy of any item.

Location Photography

We have full location equipment to enable the best location photography for your company. We photograph interiors and exteriors ranging from hotels to engineering establishments and for companies requiring photographs to illustrate their product or service such as heavy plant in the work environment. Anything is possible.

Below are a selection of product and location assignments. Click on the image or text and it will take you to the portfolio.

If you require the best product or location photography get in touch on 01332 880496.

Product and Location Portfolios