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Commissioning Fashion Photography?
fashion image

Have you ever be daunted by the thought of commissioning fashion photography?

Do you have misgivings about your commissioned photographer understanding your brief?

You understand your market, how can you be sure that your photographer will? >>More

Sequential Commercial Photography
commercial photograph

Some products need more than just a good photograph....

They need explaining with pictures.

Here is one example of a newly developed product.

It was felt that potential customers may be unclear as to its operation and benefits, but the clients wanted more than just a diagram on their publicity and brochures.......>>More

Product Photography / Advertising Photography - What is the difference?
advertising photograph

Commissioning photography for your brochure, website or publicity material?

Have you also thought about which type of photography you really need?

Throughout this website we have mentioned two types of commercial photography - product photography and editorial photography - what is the difference?>>More

Commercial Photography for Yellow pages advertising.
yellow pages

Isn't advertising in the Yellow pages expensive?

Find out how the right type of image could be one of the best ways to minimise the outlay!

Colour display advertising of any size in the yellow pages can be expensive. Sometimes we notice companies squander this financial outlay by using images which do not translate well into the confines of a column advert which looks disappointing, messy or unclear...


Suzuki Hyabusa hibernating in The Studio over winter!
suzuki hayabusa

Suzuki's fastest roadbike the GSX 1300R has taken up residence in one corner of The Studio.