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What can we tell you about us?

about us

Here are some questions we have been asked before.

We hope the points they cover are of help to you.

If there is any other topic we have not covered, please feel free to give us a ring. We are more than happy to help.

Who are you, and how long have you been established?

Stephen Granger Photography is a commercial advertising photographic company, established in 1987, specialising in high end digital imaging and design for companies needing images for brochures, exhibitions, point of sale, packaging and the web.

Where are you?

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The studio is situated approximately 7 miles from the centre of Derby, close to M1 and M42 links, Nottingham and Nottingham East Midlands Airport, the location is perfect for clients traveling from all areas of the UK.

We operate from a purpose built photographic studio set in 36 acres of woodland, with generous off road parking, and wide vehicle access.

Why should we commission your company?

We offer the standard and style of creative commercial photography usually only associated with companies situated in Metropolitan Cities. However, our location and minimal overheads enable us to pass on a real cost benefit to the customer. In fact some of our clients are London based companies.

We need a commercial photographer but already have a designer. Do you work with different design companies?

Yes, assignments come to us in a variety of forms. We will either be known by an advertising or design agency who will recommend us to their client, or an agency will book us directly.

Alternatively a client may have sourced the different elements of their campaign and our company will form part of that strategy alongside printers, designers, illustrators etc.

We are planning a large advertising campaign - do you have the resources and experience to handle our brief?

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You will be in very capable hands.

With more than 20 years of experience dealing with hundreds of campaigns of different sizes, ranging from product launches to extensive product range catalogues, ecommerce websites and international trade exhibitions, our facilities, equipment and experience will ensure a successful outcome.

We are a new small start-up business - can we afford you?

We recognise that in an image critical world, striking commercial photographs are a new company's most powerful marketing tool. To this end we operate a discretionary discount for start-up businesses.

Furthermore we value our relationships with well organised small businesses, who benefit from our product and recommend us to other SME's who wish to improve the calibre of their marketing.

We have considered booking photographers in the past that do not have their own studio who would have to hire one. What are your facilities?

The studios have been built specifically to be the ideal environment for all types of commercial photographic briefs, it is not an industrial unit, converted or adapted building. It was designed to maximise the natural sunlight at various times of the day, very necessary for lifestyle photography.

The studios are equipped with very heavy duty strobe flash equipment, automated by specially engineered motorised lighting booms to facilitate a swift and uncompromised workflow. This equates to time saved for the client, a stress free environment for photographer and model which in results in better images in less time.

For companies that require a complete service from photographs to post production digital manipulation, large format output, pre-print preparation, we have a post production finishing room for all types of exhibition work, as well as in-house fully colour profiled, digital manipulation and design using industry standard software.

We are commissioning advertising photography for the first time. We don't know where to start. Can you advice us?

We recognise that it can be a minefield of organisation for a company, especially when they are not entirely sure what is required.

We are more than happy to have a no obligation meeting with you to find out exactly what your requirements are. We will advice you of everything you will need including any other related services.

We will give you a detailed price for your brief with any alternatives if necessary depending on your budget

My project requires models. Can you help and advice us?


We regularly work with models of all ages, sizes and types. We are directly in touch with many models and model agencies and often recommend and host castings for our clients who will need to book a model or models for an assignment. This includes briefs that are non fashion based but where a model is required to help advertise a product or service.

We booked a local photographer before and the results were very disappointing. Next time we intend to find a Commercial London photographer. Why should we consider your company instead?

Sadly, it can be nothing short of a nightmare for some companies when they have booked a photographer. For every skilled and competent photographer there are probably dozens who fall very short of the mark.

When photographers are mentioned, most people immediately think of high street social photographers. While these photographers are excellent at weddings and portraits, they will not have the skill, experience and facilities of a commercial photographic company such as ourselves, even if they subtly suggest this in their advertising.

Our very satisfied national and local clients are evidence of our capabilities and service.